About Uzbekistan

Flora and fauna

Flora and fauna


Uzbekistan’s flora contains more than 3,700 species of plants. Plants endemic to Uzbekistan make up 20% of all plants; and a majority of these grow in mountains.

Steppes and deserts are home to a variety of bushes, and the low plains house well developed wooden, bushy, and grassy plants. The country's sub mountainous plains are characterized by grass, no trees, with small bushes are found among bodies of water. Various species of onion, tulips, rhubarb, and irises grow in sub-mountainous regions. Uzbekistan's high foothills feature motley grasses.

Deciduous trees such as almond, cherry, birch, hawthorn, maple, pistachio, poplar, wild apple, walnut, and willow trees are widespread. The lower mountains are rich in bushes: barberry, dog-rose, meadow-sweet, honeysuckle, and wild grape. Grasses are also very diverse, including muscat sage, rhubarb, tulip, Pskem onion.


In Uzbekistan, one can find many representatives of Asian fauna. Mammals include bears, wolves, snow leopards, deer, various species of billy-goats and mountain sheep. Rodents, like big-eared hedgehogs, ermine, vixen hares and stone martens populate the countryside. Reptiles including sand boas, Central Asian cobras and sledge runners thrive. Birds like jays, shrikes, mountain finches, grand turtle-doves, bearded vultures, and pheasants can be spotted outside of urban areas. Nearly 70 species of fishes may be found in reservoirs including Amudarya trout and Aral salmon, roach, and barbel.