About Uzbekistan

The geography

The geography

About the Land

The Republic of Uzbekistan, situated at 41°N and 64°E , occupies the central place in Central Asia between two great rivers—the Amudarya and the Sirdarya. Five states are its neighbors: Afghanistan in the south, Kazakhstan in the north and northwest, Kyrgyzstan in the northeast, Turkmenistan in the southwest, and Tajikistan in the southeast.

The total length of borders is 6,221 kilometers, and the state territory is 447.4 thousand km2 . The highest point in the Republic of Uzbekistan is 4,643 meters.

About the People

The Republic of Uzbekistan has 29.7 million inhabitants. The average population density is 49 persons per km2 . The urban population makes 45% of total population. The average life expectancy of people in Uzbekistan is 64 years for men and 70 years for women. Uzbekistan’s population is dispersed among the the territories of the Autonomous Republic of Karakalpakstan, 12 viloyats (oblasts), 163 tumans (districts), and 120 cities and towns.

The capital city is Tashkent, which has more than 2.5 million residents.