Monument of Courage

“The Courage” is the monument dedicated to the cure of effects of Tashkent earthquake which took place on April 26, 1966. The monument was created in 1976 and was confined to 10-th anniversary of the earthquake. The monument is situated in the district named C-5 which was built after the earthquake. The pivot of the composition is a labradorite cube disrupted on 2 parts. There is a clock-face which shows the time of the earthquake (5:23 a.m.) on the one side of the cube, and the date (April 26, 1966) on the other. A zigzag split of the cube shear leads to the pedestal of the statuary. A bronze sculpture pictures a woman lapping a child. She backs out the hand as she’s trying to protect the child from the trouble. The figure of the man protects both of them from the imminent danger.