Nurullay palace

1906-1912 gg. The creators of the palace-mason Kuryaz Babajanov, carvers ganch Hudaybergen Hoxha, and Nurmat Ruzmat Masharipov, artist drawings of tiles Sadykhodzha Matkarimov. The decoration of ceilings, frames, parquet floors and performing some pictures of tiles involved German colonists from the vicinity of Khiva. Tiles were made in St. Petersburg at the Imperial Porcelain Factory. The construction combines grouped around four courtyards residential block, the official department, including kurnyshhanu (Audience Hall) and arzhanu (tribunal), a group of office buildings and a park. The whole complex is surrounded by high walls with turrets and crenellated parapets, as in Khiva popular estates. In the palace can be seen an eclectic mixture of elements Khiva and European architecture. Kurnyshhana richly decorated with carved ganch Highlighter and gilding, in excellent aivan arzhany slender carved columns.